Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Young Folks

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Every day I learn something about myself that I was unaware of the day before, therefore endless discoveries are to be made and much is yet unknown. Some of these discoveries are transient. For example, today I realized that red felt pens are my preferred note-taking utensils. In college, I kept myself stocked up with blue paper-mate ballpoints, and in my less-proud high school days, I didn’t believe that note taking applied to me. I prefer almond milk hand crème to the banana and beeswax variety. I get great thrill out of exclaiming “Cuidado!” in the in the prelude of an event, rather than my previous and more traditional “Watch out!” Just recently I decided that wearing a seatbelt and using a blinker actually hold valid purposes and are reasonable driving activities. With an ever-growing bank of knowledge and experience, all of these things are subject to change on any given day.

There are a few things I have gained in life lessons that I regard as evident truths. Play is equally as necessary as work, Shannon Hoon is the best lead singer ever, OJ is a murderer, pork will never be the other white meat, birthdays are anti-climactic, and my mother is the most amazing woman in the known universe. It is her birthday today, and that should be reason to celebrate.

Here’s to you, mom. Your beauty and spirit become greater and more youthful with every year that passes. Happy Birthday.


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