Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Will Austin Grow?


I have a funny red-headed friend who loves, welcomes and observes life and everything it entails. Her name is Kate, and she and I have been on this creative experimental mission, spending our last few weekends taking to the streets of downtown Austin and the South Congress area. Equipped with a mic/recorder and camera, we talked to anyone and everyone who share our fine city about their life and perspectives: squatters, tattoo artists, indie biz owners, baristas, valets ... whoever.




We created a makeshift 'video' and submitted it to the KLRU Docubloggers contest, simply excited to participate. The nine-minute creation is by no means “masterful” in any sense of the word, and its technical execution shares the flaws of a novice to any trade.



But what began as an experiment evolved into an adventure of the self and a testament to my love and adoration for my amazing city and the beautiful people who share it with me.

What's stupefying about all of this is … the email we received yesterday from the show's producer congratulating us for making it into the top five finalists.

Don’t believe me?

I lieu of any ‘formal’ credits, I now provide this tribute to the creators:

The fearless Kate Sheehy on the frontline

… and yours truly behind the lens.

Watch out Sundance, here we come.

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