Monday, October 30, 2006

Droppin' Drawers

The city of Austin is blessed by an amazing artistic culture. As supportive members of the art community, Mason and I went to a couple events last week. On Wednesday, we stopped by the Okay Mountain gallery on Austin's east side to check out the Droppin Drawers show. The exhibit showcased such celebrated artists as Maya Hayuk, Porous Walker and - my personal favorite - Julie Peppito, whose work is shown below. I found myself wandering among characters in her vibrant fantasy world.

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The following night, we saw the Broken Social Scene show at Stubb's. I recommend you check out the opening group Do Make Say Think, which includes several of the performers from BSS.The show was amazing - BSS never disappoints - and the surprises were endless. Amy Milan from Stars surfed the crowd, two members of local favorite Explosions in the Sky joined the stage, and a large intoxicated man vomitted on my back. yummy.

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Check out the Okay Mountain site. Droppin' Drawers will show through Nov. 11
Julie Peppito's stuff can be seen here.
This is Do Make Say Think's myspace page.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

love affair with uncertainty

Throw no stones my friends, for there shall be no prosecution toward thoses who harbor an obscure fascination for heightened vocabulary. As it would happen, I fall into the catagory of the grammacticaly-fetished few. oooooozing suspense...

I stumbled upon a new word today. [personal disclaimer: I am an amateaur word-enthusiast, and this novice example may discourage you sickspellers] Ensconce is the word, and it means - with good faith in both Ms. Merriam and Mr. Webster - to "settle snuggly."

It is Jack Kerouac to whom I attribute the introduction, only he used it in reference to the sleep stance of one particular feline - "The little pink kitkat is so certain (despite all his fleas crossing the bridge of his nose or wandering over his eyelids)-that everything is alright-that all is well in the world ...."

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I prefer to illustrate ensconce as faith, and maybe hope. Good faith, really. When you find it, keep it and have it. Acknowledge it. Appreciate it. Nestle in it, release your insecurities, relax from discomfort and find peace in its apparition of opportunity. Suddenly.... it is all possible.

The ensconce of your own faith -
Settle snuggly in your dreams; In the sweet arms of good faith. These things of your wishes are attainable.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bird by Bird

Welcome to the chronicles of wanderlust. Alas, a small army has gathered on enemy lines and the daunting challenge of self-inventory has been embraced. The engineers of change have lifted their sleepy brows, anxious for spontaneous adventure. Calling all passengers, runners and wanderers. Here begins the search for truth. Day by day... bird by bird

This bird balances on a frail branch. Though the branch has much to offer - a new perspective and a brief rest - it is no place for a permanent nest.
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