Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shine On, Harvest Moon

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The Chinese bake Fig Newton-esque cakes, the Jews build tents in celebration of the Sukkot, farmers plow for longer hours under a moonlight sky, and drunken raucous young Americans howl wildly as the bars close. Not only am I talking about one of the greatest country-rock albums ever released, but of the inescapable orange ball that rises in the East on this first night of the Harvest Moon. Roll down that moon roof. It’s the coming of the September equinox.

Monkey Business

While we enjoy our moonlight sky, the proverbial sun is setting on the protest in Myanmar. The repulsively repressive Burmese government has delivered their militant promise, and the growing hope a once peaceful protest has turned to the bloodshed of Buddhist monks and civilian demonstrators. The victims are unannounced, and as far as the evil regime is concerned, unimportant.

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We may never know the numbered extent of the massacred peacemakers due to a governmentally controlled and highly censored press. While thousands of cinnamon-robed peace protesters fill the streets of Rangoon in the largest protest against repressive rule since 1988, the headlines on the papers and so-called press continue to relay stories of railway construction, causing a plague of false truth across the country and the world. For any amount of undisclosed time, these soulless leaders have granted themselves the ability and ‘right’ to disable internet service and prevent any escape of truth via newswire.

Sadly, I’m sure our fearless leader has a ‘reasonable’ solution to this problem, as his holiness does with all non-democratic civilizations … ask the American taxpayers for 190 billion dollars, invade the country, and place more civilian families in danger under the ‘peaceful’ attack of American forces. Iraq and roll, evildoers.

I must believe that peace will come to the oppressed. March on, beautiful Burmese believers. Hope, faith and free will must someday sever sanctions and reign over military oppression. Dharma and karma, my friends.

Find out what's really going down in Rangoon town at this London-based Burmese blogger's site.

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