Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Springtime Disclaimer

I’ve been neglecting you, dearest blog, and any remaining visitors of LGC that ever originally existed beyond those intangible cohorts who dwell safely, without judgment in the comfortable confines of my own imagination. Please accept my apology and my peace offering – abridged and segmented for your pleasure and my punishment. I will sacrifice my verbose, emotionally descriptive devices typically included in the upcoming multi-part entries in my attempt to summarize the goings-on in the wake of our last rendezvous.

Spring has finally smiled upon us, but the age-old saying April showers bring May flowers holds heavier meaning in Texas. The high levels of water and incessant downpour endured by the hill country community are enough to hold the ancient maiden Mayflower on her seafaring journeys o’er the central Texas plains. I believe the saying could be coined more appropriately as flash floods bring June bugs.

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Though they may be harmless, these clumsy, noisy, misdirected, stubborn shell-covered creatures are by no means welcome inhabitants. They appear as the sun goes down and gather in swarms at artificial light like suburban women to a red apple sale or Detroit city rockers to a gravel pit shindig. I’m not sure if it was Mason’s love for nature or my inability to cope with unwanted pests that inspired his artistic tribute to our porch buzzards.


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